Cast Aluminium Wheel Cores for Rollercoasters

The light, safe and reliable cast aluminium rollercoaster wheel core

The EURAD cast aluminum wheel cores (hubs) in light metal alloy E39 have been designed to absorb an unlimited number of load cycles and to withstand an unlimited number of temperature loads connected to (re)covering with polyurethane. Both can be applied without the changing of mechanical properties. Besides the hub design has ribs symmetry on both sides of the hub optimizing the internal stress distribution and the heat dissipation during roller coaster rides.

The material properties in the E39 aluminium hub casting will be registered on the certificates according EN10204-3.1. The material properties will be guaranteed by EURAD for a period of 10 years. The design - supported by Finite Elements calculations - and the material specifications of the EURAD E39 wheelhubs have been checked and approved by TÜV Fliegende Bauten DIN EN 13814.

In short, the advantages offered by the EURAD cast light metal E39 wheel cores are:

The EURAD E39 cast aluminium wheel cores can be tested (optional) by: Dye Penetrant Testing according DIN 54152-1

Alternative applications of the E39 lightmetal alloy: castings carried out in the E39 alloy can be for example used for the frames of carriages of the rollercoaster trains. This can reduce the weight and yet guarantee a maximum safety. Next, the E39 alloy is optimal in the application in water applied attractions. Other applications are also possible.

The EURAD E39 cast aluminum wheel cores are being successfully and safely applied in various leading and international theme parks.