Industrial Valves for Dinking Water Applications

For the drinking water industry

Eurad advises and supplies according to your specified requirements the most applicable industrial valves when it means:


Controlling raw and drinking water flows: with the choice of the appropriate control valves, the risk of generating cavitation can be reduced. As a result the fault free operation time can be increased and maintenance costs can be reduced.

Reducing pressure in raw and drinking water flows: the choice of the correct reducers can increase the operation period and reduce maintenance costs. Our reducers for drinking water are own media operated and control the pressure reducing through the valve piston V-ports. As a result the control is lineair, the operation simple and the generation of cavitation prevented. We like to explain all this at your request.

Blocking raw and drinking water flows: with the choice of the correct block valves the fault free operation time can be increased and the operation costs will be reduced. With an extra feature to block the valve in the closed position it is allowed by the authorities to carry out (maintenance) activities behind the blocked valve with the upstream pipeline under pressure. For underground positioned blockvalves Eurad advises in relation to the high assembly and removal costs to choose for the best valve designs.

Prevention backflow of raw and drinking water flows: with the choice of the appropriate check valves, the generation of unacceptable pressure or vacuum peaks due to incorrect check valve closing after a spontaneous pump stop will be avoided. With more pumps parallel running a proper closing of the check valve after a spontaneous pumpstop is of enormous importance to avoid waterhammer.
Our advise is to specify a check valve that follows the decrease in flow immediately and will be closed at Qpositive = 0. If this cannot be reached in your project or by your choice of the check valve, a controlled and quiet closing of the check valve can be achieved by controlling the valve closing by means of an adjustable external mounted hydraulic brake unit. Eurad can advise in this and can supply the optimal functioning check valve.

Avoiding or limiting upsurge pressure and downsurge pressure peaks caused by spontaneous pump stop: besides doing this by the choice of the appropriate check valve it is possible to supply an extra protection against an unacceptable increase in pressure in the pipeline by fitting a pressure reliefvalve in the pipelinesystem. This safety protects the discharge pipeline against an overpressure caused by waterhammer by opening at an overpressure of e.g. 1.2 times the working pressure.
The protection of the discharge pipeline against too deep vacuum conditions can be achieved by installing an appropriate airvalve to supply air into the pipeline. One can choose to supply air into the system only at a certain vacuum value of e.g. minus 3 meters Wc. Eurad has the assistance of a number of waterhammer calculating specialists and can together with them advice accordingly.

Lowering pressure loss by venting air: except cleaning the pipeline and avoiding the entry of air into the system, the decrease in pressure loss in the discharge pipeline can be reached by mounting at the right place and in the correct way sufficient air release valves. We advise air valves venting air continuously under each operating pressure without aerating the system at vacuum conditions. Eurad has access to decades of experience in this application and can give you the best advice.


For use in raw water and drinking water:

In the Eurad program we do have many valve designs that are specifically for application in drinking water systems: